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Thursday, March 3, 2016

BlendKit 2016 Week 1 Course Blueprint

I've decided to focus the practical aspects of the blended learning course on some ficticious learners, as the learners I'm actually teaching currently are young learners. I think a blended learning course is more suitable for adult learners, since young learners do not have much free time to spend on English, in my context.

The learners I'm using as a basis for this course are adults at a low level, who have not used or learned English since they were at school. These adults typically have a reasonable level of vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension, but their level of spoken English and their listening skills are much weaker.

The course blueprint below is quite vague - this is because ideally I would use individual learners' own needs as the basis for the course. I would like learners to have some input in the design of the course, so as to meet their individual needs and preferences. These learners of mine don't actually exist right now, so it's quite difficult to go any further than what I've added here!

The other part of this assignment is to decide what aspects of the course will occur during face-to-face interaction and online. The diagram below is a general outline of what I imagine I would do.

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