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Sunday, July 4, 2010

PLN quiz - a fun way to encourage self study

Barbara has a great initiative to encourage people to read blog posts they may have missed in her PLN quiz.  I have just read five fantastic posts that I hadn't discovered or got round to reading the first time around. I would recommend anyone to take part in these quizzes, not for the chocolatey prize, but to read some great posts you may not have come across. Wanting to do well in the quiz just makes you read the posts even more carefully and think about what they are saying - this must be good! It could actually be a nice way of encouraging students to revise - instead of giving them a formal test, why not make a quiz out of it with a nice certificate for the students who get 100% - if like Barbara you give them unlimited chances to get a perfect score, you are giving them more opportunities to revise what they have been studying.

Thanks Barbara, for starting this initiative!
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